Nashville Battle Centennial

When the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Nashville occurred in December 1964, two publications commemorated the historical occasion with full editions devoted to accounts and analysis of the event — The Nashville Tennessean and The Civil War Times.  In advance of the upcoming Sesquicentennial commemoration of the battle, BONPS is making both publications available in their entirety.  Both publications were provided by former BONPS President Jim Kay from his collection.

December 6, 1964

Nashville Tennessean Devotes Newspaper to Battle of Nashville Centennial

Below are the 26 pages of the Tennessean focusing on many facets of Nashville and the Civil War battle on its outskirts that marks one of the most dramatic events in the history of the city.  To view each page at reading size, click on the PDF link at the bottom of each page image:

Front Page

Front Page

Highlights:  Article by legendary Battle of Nashville author and historian Stanley F. Horn on the “what if’s” of the Battle of Nashville

1964 Tennessean Page 2-G

Highlights:  “100 Years Ago Nashville Was An Unhappy City”

1964 Tennessean Page 3-G

“Romance and Flags – Six Girls Waited”

1964 Tennessean Page 4-G

“End Came:  Shy’s Hill”

1964 Tennessean Page 5-G

Comparison of Nashville from 1864 to 1964

1964 Tennessean Page 6-G

“Charge Met Charge In Bloody Battle of Franklin”


1964 Tennessean Page 7-G

“A Yankee Spy Claimed He Saved His Army”
“At Sunset Gen. Forrest Called On Mrs. Peters at Spring Hill”
“In 1923 Movie Cameras Filmed ‘Battle of Franklin’ ”

1964 Tennessean Page 8-G

“Confederate Map-Maker Wilbur Foster Helped Build A City”
“New South?  Lost Cause?  Not For Cunningham!”

1964 Tennessean Page 9-G


1964 Tennessean Page 10-G

“Were Forrest and Bate Haunted By Ghosts of Stone’s River?”

1964 Tennessean Page 11-G

“A Little Girl’s Memories of War in Nashville”

1964 Tennessean Page 12-G

State of Tennessee Advertisement

1964 Tennessean Page 13-G

State of Tennessee Advertisement

1964 Tennessean Page 14-G

“Back Before The Civil War People Called It Compton’s Hill”


1964 Tennessean Page 15-G

“Stop All You Can…Let’s Make A Stand Here”
“Two Who Remember”

1964 Tennessean Page 16-G

“McNeilly’s ‘Swallowed A Rat’ Kept Confederates Laughing”

1964 Tennessean Page 17-G

“An Old Soldier, A Little Girl, A $10 Bill”

1964 Tennessean Page 18-G

Reenactment of battle at Percy Warner Park

1964 Tennessean Page 19-G

“Six Wounds, Then Death For Bill C”
“Davis Pepped Up Sam Watkins”
“Selene Wouldn’t Go In The House”

1964 Tennessean Page 20-G

Col. Gales letter (cont’d from Page 3-G)

1964 Tennessean Page 21-G

“How to See The Battlefield”
“Oldest Cemetery”

1964 Tennessean Page 22-G

“A ‘Secesh Scratch-Cat’ Finally Married A Yank”

1964 Tennessean Page 23-G

“Yankee Bullets Didn’t Scare Miss Clark and Her Mule”

Back Page

Map of Battle of Nashville

Back Page

December 1964 Nashville Centennial edition

Civil War Times Illustrated


To honor the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Nashville on December 15-16, 1864, The Civil War Times Illustrated devoted its entire December 1964 magazine to the Nashville conflict. This outstanding edition was highlighted by articles from such respected Civil War experts as Stanley Horn, Nashville historian and author of The Decisive Battle of Nashville. Mr. Horn revisited the theme of his book with his article: “The Most Decisive Battle of the Civil War.” Other articles explored the human interest side of the war in Nashville, the Union fortifications around the city, Gen. Hood’s invasion of Tennessee, and cavalry operations in the Nashville area. A number of excellent Civil War era photos of Nashville are included as well as the cover painting (above) by Nashville artist Ralph McDonald.

CWT 1964 Part I

CWT 1964 Part II

CWT 1964 Part III

CWT 1964 Part IV

BONPS requested and received permission from The Civil War Times to make this edition available on the website. Please visit the Civil War Times website at