Nashville Homes

Rare Book

Historical and Beautiful Country Homes
Near Nashville, Tennessee

This rare, 100-year-old book chronicles the history and architectural beauty of 58 of the Nashville area’s most elegant homes.  The book was compiled by Mrs. James E. Caldwell and published in 1911.  Each house is described with a brief history including  unique black and white photographs by Marvin W. Wiles.  Many of these residences were  antebellum manor houses that were involved in some way with the Civil War.  Some, such as “Travellers Rest,” (see photo below) were located on or near the battlefield itself and were used by officers, as General John Bell Hood used “Travellers Rest,” as military headquarters.  Because of the obvious importance of many of these homes to the Battle of Nashville, BONPS board member Jim Kay located this book and had it scanned for the website.

From the collection of Jim Kay, BONPS now makes this rare volume available to those interested in these landmark homes and the history they have preserved.  Below is the Table of Contents, which will guide you to the appropriate Links which follow.

[Webmaster’s Note:  Some of the book files below are large.  Be sure to give them plenty of time to load after you click on the link.  The wait is worth it.]


Granny White Pike Zenaida

Granny White Pike Noel Place Idelwild

Granny White Pike Mistletoe Lodge

Granny White Pike Lealand

Granny White Pike Glenstrae Noelton


Harding Pike Belle Meade Cliff Lawn

Above link includes Belle Meade, West Meade, Honeywood, and Cliff Lawn

Harding Pike Gray Bellwood

Above link includes John M. Gray, Jr. home, Red Gables, The Whitworth Place, and Bellwood

Harding Pike- Lynwood Wilmore

Above link includes Lynnwood, Woodlawn, Royal Oaks, Totomoi, and Wilmor Manor


Franklin Pike Travellers Rest Oak Hill

Above link includes Travellers Rest, Overton Hall, Ravenscroft and Oak Hill

Franklin Pike Glen Leven Elmwood

Above link includes Glen Leven, Longview, Brightwood and Elmwood

Franklin Pike Melrose Woodstock

Above link includes Melrose, Westwood, C.D. Berry home, and Woodstock

Nolensville Pike

Woody Crest

Murfreesboro Pike

Colemere, Kingsley, Seven Oaks, Dux Ailee, Alamo, Glencliff and Mansfield

Hillsboro Pike

Breezemont and Hillcrest

Lebanon Pike

The Hermitage, Clover Bottom, Two Rivers and Bell Air

Dickerson Pike

Silvan Hall, Hillhurst and West View

Gallatin Pike

Maplewood and Renraw


Burlington Place and Belmont

Charlotte Pike

Old Bass Place and Westover Plantation

Porter Pike

Riverwood and Tillman Place