Preservationist of the Year Award David Currey, left, Executive Director of Travellers Rest Plantation and Museum, is presented the Preservationist of the Year Award by BONPS President Doug Jones in recognition of his efforts to promote heritage tourism throughout Middle Tennessee. Travellers Rest, an outstanding tourist attraction, served as Confederate Gen. John Bell Hood's headquarters just prior to the Battle of Nashville.

BONPS Annual Dinner kicks off year of events
commemorating 140th Anniversary of Battle of Nashville

The fourth annual Battle of Nashville Preservation Society Banquet and awards ceremony was conducted Thurs., Feb. 19th, 2004 at the Hillwood Country Club. President Doug Jones welcomed all members in attendance and their guests and distinguished visitors. Although the Society made great strides the past 12 months, events planned for this year--the 140th anniversary of the 1864 Battle of Nashville--will be unprecedented in their scope.

Click here to view the BONPS Calendar of Events for 2004.

The guest speaker at the banquet was Dr. Christopher Losson of St. Joseph, Missouri, the author of Tennessee's Forgotton Warriors: Frank Cheatham and His Confederate Division. Losson's topic was Hood and Cheatham at Spring Hill, Tenn., where the enclosed Union army of John Schofield evaded capture or annihilation on Nov. 29, 1864, two weeks before the Battle of Nashville. Cheatham, who was blamed by Hood for the debacle, was fixated on attacking the Federals at Spring Hill and not capturing the turnpike, according to Losson. As a corps commander, Cheatham was "dreadful," an example of the Peter Principle (being promoted beyond one's capabilities) and did not communicate with Hood. Nevertheless, Cheatham was a hard charging warrior who fought in all the battles of the Army of Tennessee and was beloved by his men.

Hood's plans for the 1864 Tennessee offensive were too grandiose, too ambitious, stated Losson. Even if Hood had defeated Schofield at Spring Hill he could not have attacked or even effectively beseiged Nashville; the city was just too heavily fortified by late 1864.

Sherry Male Awarded BONPS Member of the Year Sherry Male, Secretary of the BONPS Board of Directors, is presented the BONPS Member of the Year Award by President Doug Jones in recognition of her tireless efforts on behalf of the Society. Many of the BONPS projects have been possible only through the hard work conducted by Sherry. Congratulations!

Exciting news announced at the Banquet was the publication by the Society of Guide to Civil War Nashville, a 76-page book dedicated to the historical sites of Tennessee's capital city. Written by BONPS board member Mark Zimmerman and featuring battle maps of unprecedented detail by BONPS Historian Ross Massey, the book is a must acquisition for any Civil War enthusiast. All proceeds benefit the BONPS. Full details can be accessed by clicking here.

Dr. Christopher Losson, left, was the special guest speaker at the BONPS Annual Banquet, welcomed by President Doug Jones and Board Member Wes Shofner, who proudly displays the Society's recently published book, Guide to Civil War Nashville (click here for details on how to order.)


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