Metro Historical Commission Plans 150th anniversary of Civil War in Nashville. Link to an interesting story about the Battle of Nashville.
The South Is Risen by Cara Moses. Link to an interesting story about the Battle of Nashville

National Archives: Record Ordering Demystified: 10 East Steps

List of the Old Battle of Nashville Battlefield Markers Erected in 1912 (only two still remain) (PDF)

Fort Negley featured on Black Heritage Video Series

Video of "Tennessee's Black Heritage" can be viewed online at

Hostess Anne Holt narrates feature on Fort Negley and U.S. Colored Troops during the Civil War. BONPS President Jim Kay is interviewed during this segment. Other segments on Tennessee's Black Heritage are also viewable.

Newspaper Accounts of the Unveiling of the Battle of Nashville Monument

Information is posted courtesy of E. Thomas Wood of Nashville regarding the unveiling of the Battle of Nashville monument in 1926, and it includes the reminiscences of May Winston Caldwell about her girlhood during the war. She published a memoir a decade later on the same topic, so this version may or may not include details that are new. It’s certainly a lively read. The accounts of how the monument came into being would appear to differ from some elements of the history as seen on the BONPS website, for whatever that’s worth.

Battlefield monument to be dedicated this month
Memorial stands at the spot where forces fought for possession of city of Nashville in fierce engagement of War Between States.
[As published in the Nashville Tennessean, October 3, 1926]

Battle of Nashville and reign of terror here following war described by Mrs. Caldwell
[As published in the Nashville Tennessean, October 3, 1926]

Battle of Nashville Monument is of more than ordinary interest
G. Moretti, sculptor, says he loves monument more than any other of his work.
[As published in the Nashville Tennessean, October 3, 1926]

VIDEO: Battle of Nashville 141st Anniversary on Shy's Hill
News Coverage by WKRN-TV Channel 2 News-Nashville on Dec. 15, 2005.
Interview with BONPS Vice-President Jim Kay on the significance of the Battle of Nashville and preservation efforts by the Battle of Nashville Preservation Society.
(Video file is .wmv format; length is 2 min. 57 sec.; file size is 2.88 MB)

BONPS has published a book, "Guide to Civil War Nashville," that all Civil War enthusiasts and history buffs will want to order for their collection. Complete information, including sample pages, is available by CLICKING HERE.
Guided Tours of the Nashville Battlefield

For those who prefer a personal guided tour of the Nashville battle sites, please contact the BONPS Historian at (615) 352-6384.

Nashville is a different type of battlefield. In 140 years, growth of the city has overtaken the battlefield that in 1864 was just outside of town. But what other battlefield offers a stone star fort overlooking the downtown skyline? Or sustained action between the Confederate cavalry and the U.S. Navy? Our historian discovered the earthworks in the 1980s and found canister fired by naval gunboats lying on the ground! The city has a greenway park leading to this peaceful wooded river bend with interpretive signage.

At the opposite end of the line Cheatham's Corps turned back an attack by U.S. Colored Troops. Granbury's Lunette is now open to the public thanks to the local SCV camp. BONPS has preserved Redoubt No. One, the salient on Dec. 15th. New signage interprets this site. We have also preserved lots on Shy's Hill where the battle was decided on Dec. 16th. We even have a different kind of monument--one that pays homage to both blue and gray. Call for your own private tour.

A Virtual Tour of the Battle of Nashville Sites
Virtual tour of 21 historic sites associated with the Battle of Nashville and the Union occupation of Nashville during the war, plus text of historical markers. Now with Location Maps!
Driving Tour and Map NEW!
BONPS Driving Tour Brochure

Download in PDF format. Lengthy downloads likely. Adobe Acrobat required.
1864 Map and Description of Battle (1.5MB)
Driving Tour Sites and Photos (736K)

Send email requesting a copy to be mailed to you. Include your mailing address.

Tennessean columnist Gail Kerr found the driving tour "fascinating but frustrating." Read the entire article.

Genealogical Research
Effectively Tapping into Local, County, State Historical Societies and Libraries
By Barry J. Ewell
A detailed 69-page guide to researching your roots. 360 KB in PDF.

"Gen. George Thomas, The Sledge of Nashville," by Historian Brian S. Wills
Thomas, the victorious Union commander at the Battle of Nashville, was a native Virginian and career soldier who felt honor-bound to stay loyal to the Union when the Civil War began. Because he fought for the Union, his family disowned him, “turned his picture to the wall,” and there was no reconciliation after the war.

"Fall of Fort Donelson and Capture of Nashville," by Park Historian James Jobe
The fall of Fort Donelson in early 1862 led directly to the capture of Nashville, which gave the Union forces a major supply and transportation center for the remainder of the war.

"Sherman and the Birth of Destructive War in Tennessee," by Historian John Marszalek
The destructive warfare waged on Georgia and the Carolinas in 1864-65 by Gen. William Tecumsah Sherman was formulated during his earlier experiences in Tennessee, according to one of the general's biographers.

Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients
A listing of the 19 U.S. army and navy receipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor who fought at the Battle of Nashville.

"The Battle of Nashville," by Ross Massey, BONPS Historian
A narrative account of the decisive battle of the Civil War, as the Confederates try to retake the capital of Tennessee late in 1864.

"The Story of Old Glory," by Robert W. Henderson, Jr., BONPS President
Old Glory, an actual flag, flew over the state capitol after Union troops entered Nashville in February 1862.

"The Battlefield Beneath Us," by Robert W. Henderson, Jr., BONPS President
"Having grown up on the epicenter of the last major battle of the Civil War, the lack of information available on this most dramatic event in Nashville's past has always amazed me."

Order of Battle for CSA
The organization of Gen. Hood's Army of Tennessee

Order of Battle for USA
The organization of the Federal armies under Gen. Thomas

Battle of Nashville Battlefield Maps
First Day of Battle, Dec. 15, 1864
Second Day of Battle, Dec. 16, 1864
Assault on CSA Right Flank, Dec. 16, 1864
Assault on CSA Left Flank, Dec. 16, 1864
Both Days, Dec. 15-16, 1864

Nashville National Cemetery
History and photos, plus individual burial listings for the 12,769 Union soldiers buried there.

The Battle of Nashville Peace Monument
On June 26, 1999, the newly restored Battle of Nashville Monument, the only one known to commemorate men of both sides of the war, was rededicated at its new park-like site.

Minnesota Troops at the Battle of Nashville
Minnesota regiments suffered more than 10 percent of the Union casualties at Nashville. This was the single bloodiest date in any battle of any war in the history of the United States for Minnesota.

The Battle of Nashville Monument Symposium, 1998
Keynote address by Historian Dr. James Lee McDonough, plus articles on the history of the monument, and the efforts to relocate and restore it.

Union Fort Negley
History and details on the largest inland stone fortification built during the Civil War

Civil War Protection Plan for Davidson County, TN
A detailed proposal for the protection of historic sites in Davidson County.

Civil War-Era Photos of Nashville
Photos of the Federal lines, the State Capitol, President Polk's tomb, the river railroad bridge, and the University of Nashville.

"Gen. Hood at Redoubt No. 4" Artwork
Painting of Gen. John Bell Hood visiting Redoubt No. 4, artist Rick Reeves.

"The Battle of Nashville" Painting
A detail from the famous painting by Howard Pyle of Minnesota infantrymen near Shy's Hill.

Suggested Readings
The best books for reading about the Battle of Nashville, the occupation of the city, and the Civil War in general

First Tennessee Regiment
The flag of the Williamson Greys, as displayed by re-enactors

Field Artillery
Six common field pieces as well as the different types of ammunition, and the limbers and caisson used

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