IV Army Corps: Brig. Gen. Thomas J. Wood

First Division: Brig. Gen. Nathan Kimball

  • 1st Brigade: Col. Isaac M. Kirby
    21st, 38th Illinois; 31st, 81st Indiana; 90th Ohio
  • 2nd Brigade: Brig. Gen. Walter C. Whittaker
    96th, 115th Illinois; 35th Indiana; 21st, 23rd Kentucky; 45th, 51st Ohio
  • 3rd Brigade: Brig. Gen. William Grose
    75th, 80th, 84th Illinois; 9th, 30th, 36th, 84th Indiana; 77th Pennsylvania

Second Division: Brig. Gen. Washington L. Elliott

  • 1st Brigade: Col. Emerson Opdycke
    36th, 44th, 73rd, 74th, 88th Illinois; 125th Ohio; 24th Wisconsin
  • 2nd Brigade: Col. John Q. Lane
    100th Illinois; 40th, 57th Indiana; 28th Kentucky; 26th, 97th Ohio
  • 3rd Brigade: Col Joseph Conrad
    42nd, 51st, 79th Illinois; 15th Missouri; 64th, 65th Ohio

Third Division: Brig. Gen. Samuel Beatty

  • 1st Brigade: Col. Abel D. Streight
    89th Illinois; 51st Indiana; 8th Kansas; 15th, 49th Ohio
  • 2nd Brigade: Col. P. Sidney Post (w)
    59th Illinois; 41st, 71st, 93rd, 124th Ohio
  • 3rd Brigade: Col. Frederick Knefler
    79th, 86th Indiana; 13th, 19th Ohio

Artillery: Maj. Wilbur F. Goodspeed
Light Batteries: 25th Indiana (Sturm); 1st Kentucky (Thomason); 1st Michigan (De Vries); 1st Ohio G (Marshall); 6th Ohio (Baldwin); Battery B Pennsylvania Light Artillery (Ziegler); Battery M, 4th U.S. (Canby)


XXIII Army Corps: Maj. Gen. John M. Schofield

Second Division: Maj. Gen. Darius N. Couch

  • 1st Brigade: Brig. Gen. Joseph A. Cooper
    130th Indiana; 26th Kentucky; 25th Michigan; 99th Ohio; 3rd, 6th Tennessee
  • 2nd Brigade: Col. Orlando H. Moore
    107th Illinois; 80th, 129th Indiana; 23rd Michigan; 111th, 118th Ohio
  • 3rd Brigade: Col. John Mehringer
    91st, 123rd Indiana; 50th, 183rd Ohio
  • Artillery:
    Light Batteries: 13th Indiana (Harvey); 19th Ohio (Wilson)

Third Division: Brig. Gen. Jacob D. Cox

  • 1st Brigade: Col. Charles C. Doolittle
    12th, 16th Kentucky; 100th, 104th Ohio; 8th Tennessee
  • 2nd Brigade: Col. John S. Casement
    65th Illinois; 65th, 124th Indiana; 103rd Ohio; 5th Tennessee
  • 3rd Brigade: Col. Israel N. Stiles
    112th Illinois; 63rd, 120th, 128th Indiana
  • Artillery:
    Light Batteries: 23rd Indiana (Wilber); Battery D, 1st Ohio (Cockerill)


Detachment Army of the Tennessee: Maj. Gen. Andrew J. Smith

First Division: Brig. Gen. John McArthur

  • 1st Brigade: Col. William L. McMillan
    114th Illinois; 93rd Indiana; 10th Minnesota
  • 2nd Brigade: Col. Lucius F. Hubbard
    5th, 9th Minnesota; 11th Missouri; 8th Wisconsin; 2nd Battery Iowa Light Artillery (Reed)
  • 3rd Brigade: Col. Sylvester G. Hill (k), Col. William R. Marshall
    12th, 35th Iowa; 7th Minnesota; 33rd Missouri; Battery I 2nd Missouri Light Artillery (Julian)

Second Division: Brig. Gen. Kenner Garrard

  • 1st Brigade: Col. David Moore
    119th, 122nd Illinois; 89th Indiana; 21st Missouri; 9th Battery Indiana Light Artillery (Calfee)
  • 2nd Brigade: Col. James L. Gilbert
    58th Illinois; 27th, 32nd Iowa; 10th Kansas; 3rd Battery Indiana Light Artillery (Ginn)
  • 3rd Brigade: Col. Edward H. Wolfe
    49th, 117th Illinois; 52nd Indiana; 178th New York; Battery G 2nd Illinois Light Artillery (Lowell)

Third Division: Col. Jonathan B. Moore

  • 1st Brigade: Col. Lyman M. Ward
    72nd Illinois; 40th Missouri; 14th, 33rd Wisconsin
  • 2nd Brigade: Col. Leander Blanden
    81st, 95th Illinois; 44th Missouri
  • Artillery: 11th Battery Indiana Light Artillery (Morse); Battery A 2nd Missouri Light Artillery (Zepp)


Provisional Detachment, District of the Etowah: Maj. Gen. James B. Steedman

Provisional Division: Brig. Gen. Charles Cruft

  • 1st Colored Brigade: Col. Thomas J. Morgan
    14th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 44th U.S. Colored Troops
  • 2nd Colored Brigade: Col. Charles R. Thompson
    12th, 13th, 100th U.S. Colored Troops; 1st Battery Kansas Light Artillery (Tennessee)
  • 1st Brigade: Col. Benjamin Harrison
    3 battalions from 20th Army Corps
  • 2nd Brigade: Col. John C. Mitchell
    men from detached duty Army of the Tennessee
  • 3rd Brigade: Lt. Col. Charles H. Grosvenor
    68th Indiana; 18th, 121st Ohio; 2nd Battalion 14th Army Corps
  • Artillery:
    20th Battery Indiana Light Artillery (Osborne); 18th Battery Ohio Light Artillery (Aleshire)


Post of Nashville Brig. Gen. John F. Miller

  • Brigade: (20th Army Corps, 4th Division, 2nd Brigade) Col. Edwin C. Mason
    142nd Indiana; 45th New York; 176th, 179th, 182nd Ohio
  • Unattached: 3rd Kentucky; 28th Michigan; 173rd Ohio; 78th Pennsylvania; Veteran Reserve Corps; 44th, 45th Wisconsin
  • Garrison Artillery: Light Batteries: Bridge's Illinois (White); 2nd (Whicher); 4th (Johnson); 12th (White); 21st (Andrew); 22nd (Nicholson); 24th (Allen) Indiana Batteries; Battery F, 1st Michigan (Paddock); Batteries A (Scovill), E (Reckard) 1st Ohio; 20th Ohio Battery (Backus); Batteries C (Grisby), D (Leinert), 1st Tennessee; Battery A, 2nd U.S. Colored (Meigs)


Quartermaster's Division: Bvt. Brig. Gen. James L. Donaldson

  • Quartermaster's employees manning trenches


Cavalry Corps: Maj. Gen. James H. Wilson

First Division: Brig. Gen. Edward M. McCook

  • 1st Brigade: Brig. Gen. John T. Croxton
    8th Iowa; 4th Kentucky Mounted Infantry; 2nd Michigan; 1st Tennessee; Board of Trade Battery, Illinois Light Artillery (Robinson)
  • 2nd Brigade: Col. Oscar H. La Grange
    Detached in pursuit of Lyon's raid into western Kentucky
  • 3rd Brigade: Bvt. Brig. Gen. Louis D. Watkins
    Detached in pursuit of Lyon's raid into western Kentucky

Fifth Division: Brig. Gen. Edward Hatch

  • 1st Brigade: Col. Robert R. Stewart
    3rd Illinois; 11th Indiana; 12th Missouri; 10th Tennessee
  • 2nd Brigade: Col. Datus E. Coon
    6th, 7th, 9th Illinois; 2nd Iowa; 12th Tennessee; Battery I 1st Illinois Light Artillery (McCartney)

Sixth Division: Brig. Gen. Richard W. Johnson

  • 1st Brigade: Col. Thomas J. Harrison
    16th Illinois; 5th Iowa; 7th Ohio
  • 2nd Brigade: Col. James Biddle
    14th Illinois; 6th Indiana; 8th Michigan; 3rd Tennessee
  • Artillery: Battery I 4th U.S. (Frank G. Smith)

Seventh Division: Brig. Gen. Joseph F. Knipe

  • 1st Brigade: Bvt. Brig. Gen. John H. Hammond
    9th, 10th Indiana; 19th Pennsylvania; 2nd, 4th Tennessee
  • 2nd Brigade: Col. Gilbert M.L. Johnson
    12th, 13th Indiana; 8th Tennessee
  • Artillery: 14th Battery Ohio Light Artillery (Myers)

k= killed
w= wounded
mw= mortally wounded
c= captured

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