Mortgage on Shy's Hill Burned!
Jim Kay burns Shy's Hill mortgage

BONPS Vice-President Jim Kay puts the torch to the Shy's Hill mortgage as BONPS President J.T. Thompson observes.

BONPS now owns its property on historic Shy's Hill free and clear!

The Battle of Nashville Preservation Society's mortgage on Shy's Hill property was burned amid cheers at the top of the historic summit on Saturday morning, April 15, 2006.

The ceremony marked the successful raising of $55,000 in funds over a 150-day period to retire the debt on the property, which lies on the east side of the hill. BONPS co-founder Wes Shofner had originally purchased the property in order to protect it from development.

Officials on Shy's Hill

Speaking at ceremonies atop Shy's Hill were, left to right, City Councilwoman Lynn Williams, BONPS Vice-President Jim Kay, Metro Vice-Mayor Howard Gentry, BONPS co-founder Wes Shofner, and BONPS President J.T. Thompson.

Property at the top of the hill has been owned by the Tennessee Historical Commission since 1954.

(Click Here to see diagram of Shy's Hill property.)

Participating in the ceremony and speaking at the event were BONPS President J.T. Thompson, BONPS Vice-President James Kay, BONPS Historian Ross Massey, Metro Nashville Vice-Mayor Howard Gentry, and Metro Councilwoman Lynn Williams.

Vice-Mayor Gentry proclaimed the day "Shy's Hill Day."

Vice-Mayor Howard Gentry

Nashville Vice-Mayor Howard Gentry proclaims April 15, 2006 as "Shy's Hill Day" as City Councilwoman Lynn Williams and J.T. Thompson look on.

In the past year BONPS has blazed a new trail up Shy's Hill which incorporates several switchbacks and makes the climb up the steep hill much less strenuous. Trenchs running up the side of the hill are now much more visible to visitors. Shrub piles attest to the clearing of ground clutter at the top of the hill.

Plans call for interpretive signage to be erected at the summit, along with viewing platforms and enhanced viewsheds.

On the second day of the Battle of Nashville (Dec. 16, 1864) Union troops attacked the hill—then called Compton's Hill—late in the afternoon and routed the entire Confederate Army of Tennesee. The hill is named after Confederate Col. William M. Shy, who was killed during the hand-to-hand fighting there.

Confederate re-enactors on Shy's Hill

Confederate re-enactors stand at attention during ceremonies atop Shy's Hill. From left to right are Gene Andrews, Jerry Raymer, and Rich Hamblen.

The retirement of the BONPS debt has been due to the generosity of BONPS members and friends. A special thanks to persons donating $1,000 or more:

Dan B. Andrews
Dr. James B. Atkinson
William B. Billips
Robert W. Bogen
David Broemel
Homer Brown
Robert D. Brown
Jean Byassee
John Eddie Cain
William G. Coke, Jr. Charitable Lead Trust
Paul E. Cook
Fred Crown
David Graves
William H. Hawkins
Doug Jones
James D. Kay, Jr.
Bill Leader
Fowler H. Low
Sidney McAlister
Joanne W. McCall
Michael B. McKee
Leroy Norton
Richard Norvell
Milton P. Rice
Louis Rieke
Wes Shofner
Jim Summerville
Tennessee Civil War Preservation Association
J.T. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Tidwell

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