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St. Mary's Cathedral
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St. Mary's Cathedral

Left: St. Mary's Cathedral is a beautiful Greek Revival design.

Seeing It:
St. Mary's Cathedral is located at Charlotte Ave. and 330 Fifth Ave., North, near the State Capitol.

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Location Maps.

Greek Revival design topped with gold:
The oldest surviving church in Nashville, St. Mary's was used as a military hospital during the War Between the States.

St. Mary's Church has traditionally been attributed to William Strickland, architect of the capitol and Downtown Presbyterian Church. Recent evidence from church records indicates that Nashvillian Adolphus Heiman was the architect.

This restrained gem of Greek Revival design (1845-47) is the first permanent Roman Catholic church built in Tennessee, replacing a temporary structure nearby at the base of Capitol Hill, St. Mary's was the cathedral of Nashville from its construction until 1914 when the Cathedral of the incarnation was built.

Source: Metropolitan Historical Commission