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Eighth Avenue Reservoir
(Blockhouse Casino)
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City Reservoir Image:

Left: A section of the reservoir, visible today, collapsed in 1912, sending 25 million gallons of water into the streets.

Seeing It:
The reservoir is located at 1401 8th Ave. South, just north of the Wedgewood Ave. intersection. The grounds are public property, featuring an overlook to the south, but the site is not maintained as a tourist attraction.

Location Maps.

Part of extensive Federal fortifications:
The city water reservoir (1887-89) sits atop Kirkpatrick Hill, the site of Federal Blockhouse Casino during the Civil War, built by the Federal occupation forces as part of the fortifications surrounding the city to the south and the west.

Photographs from the war show the blockhouse situated on the south rim of Kirkpatrick hill which would be outside the current reservoir. Many believe that the mounding at the south rim, which is still clearly visible, is the remnants of Blockhouse Casino. However, this is only a theory and has not been verified. It is said that the reservoir was built with stone from Fort Negley.

The site of Blockhouse Casino lies across Franklin Pike from the remains of Fort Negley, the major fortification built at the time.