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Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
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Holy Trinity Episcopal Church

Left: The church resembles that of an English parish church.

Seeing It:
Holy Trinity Episcopal Church is located at 615 Sixth Avenue South at Lafayette Street in a commercial district on a heavily traveled street. Tours are by appointment only. Call 256-6359.

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Gothic Revival church used by Union forces:
During the Union occupation of Nashville during the Civil War, Federal troops used the church to store powder and stable horses and damaged much of the interior furnishings. The church was restored by the turn of the century.

This fine example of Gothic Revival architecture, resembling that of an English parish church, is attributed to the firm of Wills and Dudley of New York. It is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

The church is built of limestone with a gabled roof, a large square tower, and a taller turret. The cornerstone was laid in 1852, the chancel was completed in 1853 and the tower was completed in 1887. The original roof was seamed tin.

Source: Metropolitan Historical Commission