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Confederate Redoubt No. 1
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Redoubt No. 1 Front View

Redoubt No. 1 Rear View


Left: The top view is from Benham Street, looking west. From this view, the Confederates were facing the Federals.

The lower photo looks eastward from the rear of the lot. The remains of the redoubt are to the left.

Seeing It:
Redoubt No. 1 is a lot located in a residential section on Benham Road, off Belmont Blvd., a short distance east of the Hillsboro Road intersection. Hillsboro Road is readily accessible from I-440.

Redoubt No. 1 is open to the public dawn to dusk free of charge. Parking space is minimal however.

Location Maps.

Gen. Hood at Redoubt No. 1

General Hood at Redoubt No. 4, courtesy of artist Rick Reeves.
(Click on image for larger picture--70K, 14 sec. download at 56.6Kbps.)

Site of small Confederate fort on high ground:
Redoubt No. 1 was one of five redoubts (small forts) built by Gen. John Bell Hood's Confederate Army as it occupied the countryside south of Nashville in December 1864.

The redoubt was located at the far left (west) end of the main Confederate line. The fort itself does not remain.

These small earthen forts were commonly built early in the War to give the "citizen soldiers" a sense of security. The forts became a common feature of trench works later during the War.

On the first day of the Battle of Nashville, December 15, the U.S. Army attacked all five forts. Redoubt No. 1 was the last to fall.

This redoubt is one of the last remaining sites of the Battle of Nashville. The Battle of Nashville Preservation Society owns the property and has been instrumental in saving this historic site.