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Shy's Hill
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Shy's Hill

Left: The climb up to the top of Shy's Hill is a steep one.

Seeing It:
Shy's Hill is located off Benton Smith Road.

Free. Open dawn to dusk. Parking space is minimal; large vehicles may not be feasible.

Directions: From I-440, exit Hillsboro Road and travel south to Harding Place and turn left. Turn right at Shy’s Hill Rd. and turn left onto Benton Smith Rd. to historical marker. Park safely at side of road. Steps up the hill to the left.

Location Maps.

Critical action of the Battle of Nashville:
It was at Shy’s Hill on Dec. 16, 1864 during the Battle of Nashville that Federal troops finally broke the Confederate line on the left flank, resulting in a massive Rebel retreat and a decisive Union victory.

Today the hill sits in residential suburban Nashville, marked with a state historical marker. Steps lead up the steep incline to the crest of the heavily wooded hill. The Confederate defensive fortifications, still visible, were placed too far up the hill, allowing the Federals to climb the hill out of harm’s way. The hill, known as Compton Hill at the time of the battle, is named after Col. William Shy (CSA), who was killed there.